Welcome to Isabella's Make-A-Wish Trip site.   We've created this so that you can follow her adventures as they happen.  Visit Current News tab to the left for the most current updates and news about us!

    We spent a miraculous 7 days at GKTW in March 2012. The impacts were profound. All the joy we lost when our little girl became ill was brought back into our lives from this one visit. Happiness truly does inspire hope. It's like a dark veil was lifted from our lives and we were shown the joy and happiness that we could STILL experience...while we STILL have time! Don't ever forget that.

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We would like to thank the many volunteers and organizations who have made this trip possible:   Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington chapter, Alaska Airlines, Give Kids the World Village, DisneyWorld, Universal Orland, Sea World Orlando, and yes, even the TSA. Meredith, Pam and Todd, thank you for all the hard work, effort and time you've dedicated to ensure that Isabella has a great Wish trip!