Here you'll find some quotes,  words and videos of inspiration that help me often.  Many are mine, and some are not.  I've credited the originator for those that aren't mine.  - IssysDad

1.  Life is a trip, not a destination. 

2.  On the darkest of days, in the darkest of hours, there is always a light just have to find it.

3.  On the longest and coldest nights, when it feels like the world is closing in, and the pain is strongest, I pray for the light and dry my tired eyes.  I know that it's not the last time.

4.  Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves.  its eternal goal is life.  - Smiley Blanton (This one is so true, especially when caring for loved ones who are sick.)

5.  Love is a second life; it grows into the soul, warms every vein, and beats in every pulse. - Joseph Addison

6.  When you love someone, you take them into your heart, and that is surely why it hurts so much when we lose someone we love....because we lose a part of ourselves. 

7.  You cry for mercy, when you think you've lost your way.  You drift alone if all your hope is gone.  So find the strength and you will see, you control your destiny, after all is said and done.  - David Coverdale

8.  With every heartbeat, each grain of time; the candle burns low.  With every moment our lives unwind, each breath more precious than the last.

Jeb Corliss - A man who has learned to embrace life to its fullest and live in the moment, for the moment.  Jeb is a professional skydiver, base jumper and wingsuit flyer par-excellence.  For as long as he can remember, Jeb has dreamed of flying.  One of his earliest memories came when he was 6 and sitting in the back of his aunt's car watching birds jump from telephone poles, opening their wings and soaring.  "When I get older, I'm going to do that," he said.   His aunt explained that when he got older, he would realize that humans can't fly.  "Maybe you can't" he replied, "but I'm going to." .... And he did and does!  Read more about Jeb here!

Check out his amazing videos - a couple are below.  Make sure to click on the gear icon, and select 720p, then the right most icon for full screen on the first one!

Jeb Grinding "the Crack" in Switzerland

Compilation of Jeb and Roberta around the world.

Jeb Describing and discussing fear and wing suit and base jumping.

Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino sharing their stories of love and close calls.

Jeb Corliss hits table mountain, recovers the flight, lands, and is grounded for months recovering.

Wing suit flights from around the world.