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How can I even begin to convey with words the impact, emotionally, physically and spiritually our daughter's Wish trip to GKTW had on our lives?  First and foremost, our humble thanks, gratitude, and love, to an Angel on Earth, named Henri Landwirth, without whom, none of this would ever have been possible.

We, like so many others, have had a particularly dark, long, and arduous journey until somehow, miraculously, we found ourselves at GKTW Village.

When our daughter was stricken, literally overnight, our world came crashing down, and we entered into one that was darkly surreal, where most joy and happiness was drained as quickly as it manifested.  We were lost in this hazy, surreal world for almost five years...and then a miracle happened.  

Suddenly, we were somewhere where we were the norm.  No stares, no knowing glances, no whispered comments or conversations.  We felt as though we were home, with family.  On a daily basis, we were amazed by the amount of caring, good-will, joy and kindness imparted by the Angels at GKTW.  Even today, when we recount our visit, or read of the new events at the Village, we find our eyes brimming with tears of joy and happiness, and our hearts sing.

When Angels Pam and Larry Spain took Isabella on the beautiful paint (I believe his name was JoJo), something magical happened.  Isabella loves horses so much, and you can see the laughter dancing in her eyes.

During our stay at GKTW, much of the joy we lost when our little girl became ill was brought back into our lives from this one visit.  Yes, Henri, as you know so well, and have proven so many times over, Happiness truly does inspire hope.  It's like a dark veil was lifted from our lives and we were shown the joy and happiness that we could STILL experience... while we STILL have time!  We will never forget that.


Isabella with Pam Spain on JOJO from Misty Blue Acres.   Read JOJO's own incredible story here!

Read about Unbridled Spirit Therapeutic Riding Center and EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  Very unique and a model that many others should adopt!

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Issy and JoJo