Coming within the next couple of days!   Learn how to build your own adaptive projects.  We will include step by step instructions, photos, and in some cases specific item lists and sku's/product id's for parts. 

In this series we will document items we've simply not found, or found way too expensive commercially.

Adaptive Trike - We'll start off with the adaptive trike built on the common, but heavily modified Radio Flyer base.

Details and step-by-step instructions with photos coming soon!  Here's a teaser. 

 The Cardboard Seat Mock-up.

The Finished Trike, with 2" Foam Seat bottom covering 15/8" wood base, 11/2"  foam Seat back covering 15/8" inch wood seat back.  Fully adjustable shoulder straps, waist strap, crotch/pommel strap, and fully adjustable chest strap.  You see shoes fastened to the pedals.  The shoes have velcro straps so that orthotic braces can be placed in the shoe and held in place.  The trike can be steered with the handle on the back.  The front wheel is reversed so that when you push them, their legs have to move.  A trike that LOOKS like a trike!

Adaptive Swing set - A set you can build for less than $200.  We'll start off with the simple but very strong A-Frame construction, and add the seat.  The set can be expanded to include a slide, and other items that you can creatively add for the specific needs of your child!

  Built from Steel and Sturdy 4X4's, Bolted together.  You can build it, including the adaptive seat with pommel (abductor) for less than $300.  Everything we looked at commercially was $400 and up for lower quality.  I made a few design changes as I was building.  Lumber and Hardware were about $160.00 and the seat was $103.00.  It is solid, doesn't move and will last a very long time.  I re-engineered the side cross-members to support 1200 lbs, so we can add a slide later.  The swing bolts will not come out, topped off with lock nuts, and a custom designed back-off prevention plate.  See the Video on YouTube