Tuesday 4/24/2012

Today was a special day.   Isabella got to go and actually meet some of the people behind the Wishes.

We wanted to pay a visit and say "Thanks!" to some of the "Wizards behind the curtain' of Make-A-Wish.  Isabella was pretty excited about her visit, and didn't know exactly what to think about all of the buzz her presence in the Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington offices created.  Many thanks to Meredith, Jeannette, Lindsay, Linh, Juli, Jessica and the rest of the Make-A-Wish team for taking time out of busy schedules to welcome us and show us around!

So THIS is where the work gets done?  Hmm...time for a BREAK!

Hey.. What're you doing back there?  You talkin' about me?  (Pic Below)

(Pic Below)  Uh oh daddy.  She's saying "Here we were busy working, and this guy just disrupts our day!"  Seriously though, there couldn't be a nicer bunch of wizards than these!

(Pic Below)  Did daddy say you were wizards?  I'm not sure about what those are, but I know what princesses are!  Do you know about princesses?  Yep, that's what I thought!

Thank you for showing us around!

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